All English speakers will be in this section of the forum, no offense :-)
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Hello! In the first category of the forum, "Everything is different to the heap", We place everything that our heart desires without observing the categories and topics of the forum, but do not spam for joy that you can type everything and everything, we will block spammers and bots, in other categories we observe the topics strictly on strictly! The purpose of this forum is simple, a reminder of useful articles, things, pictures, names, dates, and so on through the list :D . Each user can create their own topic and leave a note or a reminder in it for themselves, or ask for advice or share their experience, or in the end just fudge :lol: . In short, any topic is for everyone or just for yourself BUT! Do not violate the legislation of any country, topics about suicide, terrorism, ethnic strife, violence and appeals to the topics that I wrote above, everything else is possible, just do not forget to break all the topics into separate posts. Good luck and health to everyone.
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